Friday, April 13, 2018

Overalls and skirt

Some of my granddaughters wanted me to make overalls for them, so I did.  The little sister already had a pair, so she wanted a twirly skirt.  I made it for her, but she says it won't stay up so she just wears the leotard and leggings that I bought to go with the skirt.  She loves to run around in bathing suits anyway, no matter what time of the year it is, so I knew she would love the leotard.

Dot wanted light blue. Top stitching
is in white.

Lucy chose dark blue.  Top stitching
is in gold.

Annie in her twirly skirt that falls off.  It has a tie on the side which should make it be as tight as she wants, but she prefers to actually just wear the leotard and leggings.  That's my Annie girl.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cross stitch lighthouse

I had to have carpal tunnel surgery and while my wrist was healing, I could not do much of anything as far as crafting is concerned, but I was able to do cross stitch using a frame to hold the hoop while I worked the needle up and down.  I healed enough to be able to continue working on the piece while riding down to Florida. I always have to be working on something while riding in a car for long distances.  I was able to hold the hoop with my hand without it hurting, so I was able to finish the piece.  I decided to give it to my best friend, Nancy, for her birthday. She also likes to do cross stitch and I think she will appreciate the work that goes into it.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Dragon cake and shirt

I had to make a dragon cake for Zoe for her birthday.  She is crazy about dragons so it was quite appropriate that we would be doing a puppet show about dragons at the same time as we were celebrating her birthday.  Here is my version of an edible dragon.

It took three cakes to make the dragon.  One was used for the body,
one for the wing and tail, and the head, feet, and tail tip came from
the third one.

I also made a dragon shirt for her, using a picture I downloaded from the computer and then put it on iron on paper.

I did not get a picture of the shirt, but it was black and this is the dragon head that I put on it. It is very appropriate for a little girl that loves dragons.

Puppet show

I have been working hard with my grandchildren to produce a puppet show.  I helped them design and make their puppet characters out of foam balls or sheets and paper mache' for a story that was written by my grand daughter, Dot.  I put the story into script so they could perform as puppets.  The story is called Dragontopia and is filled with princesses, a knight, a wicked queen, two evil fairies, an evil goblin, and a wicked troll.  Of course it also has the dragons who are honorable characters. What fairy tale would be complete without some magic, and a magical mirror is often good, and so there is also one of these in the story.  I am going to attempt to show the pictures of all the puppets, some with their human performer, some are just the puppets.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of all the puppets before they were destroyed by some after the performance.  I had to screen shot them from the videos that was taken during the performance. The quality of these pictures is not that great but they will have to do.

Princess Safire with magical wings
Annie Vieira age 3

Princess Scale, daughter of the king of the
Dragon Riders in Dragontopia
Dot Vieira age 9

Scale's dragon, Flame
Ezra Vieira age 5

Front of Claw, dragon of Sir Drake
Portia Vieira age 6

Side view of Claw

Sir Drake from the front
Ellis Vieira age 10

Sir Drake from side view
(resting on a lamp shade)

Wicked Queen Black Widow's magical mirror
Dot Vieira

Evil fairy, Shadow
Lucy age 8

Wicked troll, Venom
Joey Guild age 8 

Evil fairy, Poison
Lexi Guild age 7

Back of Poison

Wicked Queen, Black Widow
Zoe Vieira age 9

Evil goblin, Victim
Jackson Vieira age 7

Puppet theater created by me.
This completes the character puppets and the theater.  The kids also each drew one of the background scenes for the theater.  I put them on a scroll which was wrapped around  the back of the theater and it was easy to just roll the scenes along from one to the next.  It was made from a refrigerator box covered with blue plastic table cloth and a lot of duct tape which is the most amazing thing to make anything with.  With all the wonderful colors that it comes in, it makes it easy to make things bright without doing so much painting.  I actually did none in this.  The letters for Dragontopia were made by Dot.

This was a very fun project and a dream come true for me to do this with my grandchildren.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Baby shower

Well, I  knew something would come up to keep me busy.  It has not been easy because of my carpal tunnel issues.  I have been diagnosed as having severe tunnel and I have had to have surgery on my left hand, leaving me very crippled at doing my crafting, but it has not stopped me.  I have a friend who is having a baby, so I wanted to make a few things for her.  Here are my projects.

This was my easiest project to do since my surgery.  I actually did it all just this morning.  I love these little specialty bibs so I wanted to make at least one.  I thought I was going to do my cow, but found out that I am out of the material I use to make them with, so I settled on my next favorite, the crocodile.  Love it.

This is a fleece fringe tied quilt.
Easy to do with crippled hands

This is really a pretty blue, actually like the blue in the
front part of the quilt.
( don't know what happened)

Diaper changing pad closed up

Outside of opened changing pad

This is the changing side of the pad

Play mat made from a
pre-made panel.
I attempted to make toys that
matched the ones on the mat.
This was done after surgery, so
it was very difficult.  I call these
my ugly toys.

This is the play set finished.  The toys
are actually too large for a baby to
fit under them, but one or two at a time
should work.  Also, they will work fine
as the mobile for over the crib.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Projects ordered at the Holiday Festival

I just realized that I have not blogged the two projects that I needed to complete after the Holiday Festival because I got orders for them.  One was for big sister, little sister dolls like the one I donated for the raffle table and the other project was a raccoon like the one that I sold at the festival before the man could buy it that wanted it.  Both orders came from people who work in the school, so it was easy to get them delivered once I had them finished.  I did get them done before Christmas.

Big sister, little sister dolls from front.

Big sister, little sister dolls from back.

This is the raccoon which I like better than I did the other one that I made.  I used three colors in the ring of the tail which I think made it look more raccoonish and I made smaller eyes.  I thought the first one looked more like a lemur.

Tony's Shirts

Now I really am done with the delayed Christmas presents.  I  needed to wait until I knew how Tony's shirt fit before I could do the others.  With a little frustrations and take outs, I finally got the first enlarged one completed.  I had to figure my own enlargements because the first one was made from the largest size on the pattern that I had.  I did not want to buy a new pattern, so I just made my own adjustments.  I was happy to know that I figured everything out correctly and the shirt fit him nicely.  The second shirt was easier because I had cut it out at the same time as the other one and so the adjustments had already been made.  The only problem I had with the second one is that when I sewed the buttons on, I started with the top button and lined it up down the shirt.  When I got to the bottom, I realized that one side was much longer than the other side and that the stripes in the material were no longer matched up.  I discovered that when I made the neck on the shirt, I must have sewed the seam by maybe and eighth of an inch off so that the top button was not centered as it should have been.  I took all the buttons off and started with the bottom button and lined up the stripes.  When I got to the top, I had to sew that button a little off of the center so that it would not gap when buttoned.  It is okay with a flannel shirt because he never buttons the top button anyway.
Another thing about sewing with flannel is the striped patterns.  It helps in one sense because it is easy to cut it out and sew straight seams because of the lines in the pattern.  However, because of the pattern, you must make what I call "fussy cuts" because you need to be sure the parts will line up when sewed together.  That was the thing that made it necessary to sew those buttons in the right place.  I had lined everything up to sew the shirt right so that little mistake at the top threw everything off.  You wouldn't think such a little amount of a seam would make such a difference, but it really does.  I'm very happy to be finished.  My hands and fingers are getting so numb that it was very difficult to get the buttons sewed on the shirt.  I sure hope I can find a cure for these hands.  I don't want to lose my ability to sew.  It is my life.  I love doing it so much, but I won't be able to continue with my hands the way they are now.

This was the first enlarged shirt.

This is the one with the buttons lined correctly.