Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 Festival Items Complete

I just finished my projects for the holiday festival table.  I am so done with them.  I don't think I can do another thing.  Here are the final things. It is an ocean play mat set.

This is the mat.  Took a long time to cut, heat bond, and applique all the things on it.

Cute little fish was difficult only because
the material I chose was so hard to sew.

Lobster is made from a shiny material with
bias tape legs. This was very difficult to
turn and stuff.

This sea star was hard to keep it's shape
because the material was too stretchy.
It is very soft and since sea stars are not
always really evenly shaped, he works.

My seahorse is made from felt so that I did
not have to turn him.  Each band of color
had to be heat bonded and then zigzagged
around to cover any spaces and to hold in
place permanently.

This little turtle is made from a very soft
fleece material that stretched a lot when
stuffing.  It was hard to make his
appendages look alike, He really looks
like he is swimming.

I love the way I finally found a way to make this little octopus' legs look right. In the
past he has had them along the side of the bottom of the head, but never looked
right.  This time, I sewed the three leg sections together and then sewed them into
the head and now they sit on the bottom. I love it.

This is the dolphin that holds all the animals inside.  I wanted to fit the mat, too, but he isn't big enough.  Instead, he can just be wrapped with the mat for storage.

Now that all this is done, I need to start working on the costumes and scenery things for the Christmas Pageant.  I have a lot to get done with that.  I still have Christmas presents to get finished, too, so there is a lot to work on.  Running out of time to get it all done, but I am sure that I will.  When I set my mind to something, I do it.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Almost Finished with Items for Holiday Festival

I am almost ready for the Holiday Festival which is going to be on Dec. 2nd.  I am still working on a machine sewn ocean play mat set.  I am done with knitting.  I am almost burned out on knitting. (Never thought I would ever say that, but for now, I am.)  I'm sure it won't be for long and I will be back at it.  Here are my latest.

This is actually a navy blue headband and cowl that feature the same twisted cable pattern not visible in this shot. The headband is very wide and is almost like a hat without a crown.  It features a large button. The cowl has a slot that allows it to be crossed.

This cowl is cranberry and is ribbed and also features
the large button for closure.

This is a wide headband which looks even wider on this small model head. It is a pretty dark purple in a laced stitch pattern. 

This 100% wool cowl is done in a simple garter stitch done with the
 largest needles I have ever worked with.

This cowl is made from 50% wool/50%acrylic and is also done in the garter stitch pattern. It is maroon.

This slate gray cowl is done in a variation of the garter stitch
with a slight ridge pattern.
It is also done in 50%wool/50% acrylic

This headband is quite true to color and is made from 100% washable wool and is done in a simple rib pattern and features the knitted flower with the wooden button center.
This is a pair of men's gloves and actually the only male thing
I made this year.  They are dark gray and made from
100% washable wool.

I absolutely love these fingerless gloves.  They look
quite green in this picture but are actually a pretty turquoise
where they look green. They are very easy to make and much
less work than fingered gloves.

This tote is made from cotton yarn and the pattern was very complicated to keep track of the stitch count.

I do love making toys and so I have made a few different ones this year. 

This red fox is from some realistic looking animal patterns.  I had a hard time finding the right colored yarn for what I wanted to use for my fox.  I ended up finding the color I wanted at the wool yarn shop where I had some very nice gift certificates for. I had not planned on making any toys out of wool, but since it was on sale and it is washable, I decided to go with it. It was very thin yarn and took a lot of yarn and time to make this toy fox which is approx. 24" from nose to tip of tail.  I had found some rusty red yarn that I was planning on using if I couldn't find anything else, but it was so scratchy that I didn't want to use it.  What I ended up doing was to use it for the tail so the tail would look bushier than the rest of the fox.  It doesn't match perfectly, but I like it anyway. It was also a very hard yarn to knit and was rough on the hands.

This poor creature is supposed to be a raccoon, but looks more like a lemur to me.  I feel better about it when my grandchildren say it is a cute raccoon and I didn't tell them that that is what it is supposed to be. He is also 24".

These little creatures are my latest creation. They are made
from a pattern that said Cute Little Bunnies.  I did think
they were cute, but after making the first one on the right,
which is as the pattern directed for a bunny, I decided to
make two others as different animals, thus the cat on
the left in this picture...

...and this adorable little mouse.  I designed the ears, faces,
and tails to resemble the different animals.  For all of them
I used a very soft yarn in different baby colors.  Love them!

This is actually a doll that I made before and planned to use as my donation item for the
raffle table at the festival. I had knitted the
clothes right into the doll, but was never
really happy with how it looked.  I ended up
tucking the head down into the shirt because
the neck looked too long and sewed the flower
on the front. The waist was too short so I made
a belt, but I was still not happy with it so I
knitted the dress and now I am quite pleased.
I will be satisfied now to donate it.
Halloween just happened to come while I have been working on these items for the festival.  I wasn't planning on making costumes this year, but I have two grandchildren who really wanted them, so I of course took the time to make them.

Chewbacca was made from two different colors of fur and made with a lion costume pattern.
His father bought him the mask.

 This is Moana,  a Polynesian princess.  I had to make everything from scratch on this costume. I streamed a picture online and copied it as best as I could.  I had to disassemble two grass baskets to make the grass skirt and then sew them in layered strips onto a light cotton material.  The lace for the outer skirt was also difficult to find, but I finally found something that sort of matched and looked good on the skirt.  There were large yellow flowers on the her outer skirt, so I had to paint them on this one. The top was supposed to be without shoulder straps, but her mother wanted it to have them and I felt it was necessary also.  There was a design in the top which I had to cut out and applique onto the shirt. Lexi is covering it with her arms so you cannot see it.  It was so hard to get the skirt small enough for her skinny waist, but it did feature a tie which is on her right side and not showing in this picture that helped to keep it up.  It took so long to make this costume.  She also had tassels for her ankles, but she must have not like how they felt because she took them off and ended up losing one of them.  Her mother put skin colored leotards and tights on her so it would be warmer for trick-or-treating.
I plan to finish the play mat set and then be done with the festival items. I have to get working on costumes and scenery for the Christmas Pageant that my church is putting on. I got volunteered to be in charge of the costumes and the animals.  I have everything planned in my head and now it is time to actually get to work on them.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Holiday Festival Crafts 2017

I have been busy making things for the holiday festival table.  I have finished a number of things which I want to show.
This cabled sweater is like one that I made for myself years ago.  It is a little small for me, but I modeled it anyway.  It is made of acrylic yarn which ended up being very heavy.  It is more like a jacket than a sweater.  I had used cotton yarn for the one I made for me and it was heavy, but not as thick as this one.  Probably because acrylic yarn knits tighter than the cotton.

This shows all the pattern repetitions that are in the sweater.  All together there are six stitch patterns with various numbers of repetitions.  It requires a lot of stitch count recordings.  The bands are twisted rib.  The edges are reverse stockinette.  Then it is slip stitch panel with an 8 row repetition. Next is the diamond panel with a 24 row repetition and includes the popcorn stitch. The center is the honeycomb panel of a 4 row repetition. Then it is the diamond panel, the slip stitch panel, and the reverse stockinette stitch edge repeated again.  It is a very difficult pattern, but I love it. It took about three weeks to complete the sweater.  This is the first year I have made an adult sweater for the festival. It is more costly to make so, I of course need to charge more for it.  It may be too much for the festival, but I thought I would try anyway.
I used the same yarn for this hat, scarf, and mittens that I used for the above sweater.  It just looks a different color in this photo.  The hat features a diamond cabled pattern like in the sweater but does not have the popcorn stitches.  The top of the hat is done in a two stitch rib. The scarf has the chain cable repeated three times across the scarf.  The mittens have an open chain look.  The mittens felt too large inside and not very soft, so I lined them with a soft fleece and now they feel wonderful.  They can be sold as a set, or separately.

This is my favorite hat that has been a very popular item in the past.  I love this green.  I also made a pair of gloves to match which, of course, can be sold separately if desired.
Headbands have also been a hot item in the past.  I have just started making several in various designs and colors.  I liked the diamond pattern that was with the hat above, so I just did the band part of the hat for the green band.  I used a very simple, but popular, twist pattern for the blue band.

Both of these bands feature cables and buttons.  The navy blue one on the left is a repeated 4 times twist 2 cable. It is very wide so could be used for the cold weather in place of a hat. I started making it with another cable added and I could see it would be way too wide, so I stopped and did the four cables.  If I have enough yarn, I will continue the five cable and make it into scarf or a cowl.  The gray one on the right is also a cabled pattern using a six stitch cable.  It is very pretty and has the front center tied in with a buttoned strap. It is also wide and could be used for cold weather.

These young ladies are missionaries from my church.  They came to help me harvest my grapes and make them into juice.  I let them choose from my headbands as a gift for their help.  They chose the green cable and the gray cable shown in the pictures above.
I have started working on some men's gloves out of the same dark gray as in the headband above.  I want to make a couple pairs of men's gloves and I may even make a man's hooded sweater.  I haven't decided if I should do that this year, or wait and see if the woman's cabled sweater sells.

I will need to take a break from my crafts for the festival and make a couple of Halloween costumes. I also need to make some costumes and scenery for the Christmas pageant that my church is putting on this year. Busy, busy, busy!  Loving it!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

More Holiday Festival

These are a few more of the things I have been working on for the Holiday  Festival.
My grandson loves Captain Underpants and asked me to make him a stuffy.  I went on line to see what he looked like and I discovered that he looked much like the Cabbage Patch dolls that I used to make for my daughter (his mother).  With a little creativity of my own, this is my version of Captain Underpants.  I liked the doll so much that I decided to make another one just like it for the Holiday Festival.

Since I had a boy doll, I decided to make a girl doll also.  This is from a pattern that I got from my mother years ago.  It is really old and the directions were hard to follow but I still think she came out looking pretty good.

I have also been working on sweaters.  These are just like the ones I have made in the past that have been good sellers at the festival.

This is the girl's cabled sweater, but the picture does not even show the cable pattern in the sleeves, band, and hood band.

This is my boy hoodie with a zipper.  Love this sweater.
This final project is not a Christmas thing at all.  A few years back, I made socks for everyone in the family.  My son loved his and has been able to use them for all these years, but this past year he lifted his foot and showed me the huge hole that was in the bottom and said that he thought it was time for a new pair.  I had already made the clocks, so I decided to just make the socks for him anyway.  It was a nice project to work on while I was traveling earlier in July.
These are 100% wool socks.  Will be nice for the Maine winter.

Christmas has begun

I have already been working on Christmas presents and things for the Holiday Festival.  I decided this year to learn a new craft after doing it with my cub scouts.  It is wood burning.  I decided to make clocks for the men in the family this year.  I finished those and will start working on the project I have decided to do for the women, but will not blog those until after Christmas just in case someone reads my blog that would reveal something.

There is always a lot to do for the Holiday Festival, so I have been working on some of that also.  I have finished a few items which I will show below.  I have also decided this year to make some high end articles that might not sell, but maybe someone will see them and like them enough to give me orders like happened last year with my play mat sets.  I am going to make a woman's cabled cardigan which I have just started.   I am using a very difficult pattern, but the harder it is, the more I like the challenge.  I feel so good when I can make something look so nice.  I wish I could do as well as the one who designed the sweater in the first place, but I will be content to just follow someone else's pattern.  I will also make another men's 100% wool hooded sweater/jacket like the ones I have made in the past.

This clock is different because when I bought the mechanisms for the clocks, one of them had a very short unit that went through the wood to the front for attaching the hands.  I got another set for the thicker wood and used the shorter one for this clock.  This is a stand up clock.  It looks nice, but for some reason, it seems to not be keeping an accurate time.  It is for my husband so if it doesn't work, he can just sit it on his desk for the look.  The cowboy riding the bronco is like the Wyoming license plate which Tony has always liked. 

This one will probably be for Marty.  This is the one that has the newer mechanism.  It was still too short to go through the wood completely, so I had to bore out some of the wood from the back side to make it fit.  Because of being a different brand of mechanism, the hands on this clock are shorter.  I wanted to just swap the hands from the clock up above, but the mechanisms did not match up in such a way as to be able to do it.  I think the hands still look long enough and it seems to be keeping accurate time.

This is definitely for TW.  He loves to sail, so when I found this pattern for wood burning, I knew it would be his. 

My son, Tom is a landscape designer and works with all sorts of plants.  This has to be his clock.

This will be my son-in-law's. It is hard to see the pheasant in the corn field but that is what it is. It is easier to see than it shows in the picture.
 That is it for the wood burning.  Now, on to the projects for the Holiday Festival.  I always like to make baby things.  Last year I made a lot of toys and play sets.  This year, I will still make toys, but I have also made some cuddly friends blankets.

Borris Bear cuddle friend

Diggedy Dog cuddle friend

Rosey Rabbit cuddle friend

Katie Kitty cuddle friend

Friday, June 30, 2017

Russian dress and baby quilt

I never know what I will be asked to do, but just last Sat. at a birthday party for my grandkids, someone asked me to make a Russian dress for his daughter.  He is going to Russia and that is what his daughter is asking him to bring back.  He didn't think he would do well at buying a dress for her, so he asked me if I could make one.  He showed me a picture of one he had Googled.  I told him I would try.  I looked for a pattern, but the only one I could find was not available in the store and it would take two weeks to get if I ordered it.  I decided to try to do it on my own.  I used three different patterns to get the look I wanted.  One for the skirt, one for the shirt, and one for the top.  Here is what I came up with.

This is my granddaughter, Lexi, wearing the dress I made for her cousin.

This is the picture he showed me that he wanted.  The skirt looks fuller, but I think she is holding it out and Lexi is not in the one above.  They look pretty similar to me.  I had a difficult time finding a trim that I thought matched, but I finally settled on the one I used.  It is not as colorful or as wide, but it does look a little bit Russian I hope.

I also have a new little baby about to arrive anytime.  Mom is in labor as I type this.  I made her a quilt so I am showing it here.  It wasn't much and was just made from a kit I bought at the store, but it is cute and simple.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Finished the other doll and another

I finished making the other doll for my ex-coworker.  I used a lighter weight yarn and smaller needles and I couldn't believe how much smaller the doll was.  I used a slightly different pattern for the dolls, but the size should have been the same.  I decided that since the first doll I made did not fit the cow pouch that I would make another one for the farm set.  This time, I used the same weight yarn and needles as I had used for the second doll.  Yup, they are the same size.

This shows the three dolls altogether.  The one on the left is the second doll I made.  The middle is the first doll, and the one on the right is the third one.  I did not have two different shades of purple for the new doll, so I used white instead.  I am a little disappointed in the white shorts because they don't really look that much like shorts.  I also changed how I did the shirt so it would have more color. 

I wanted to show the backs because of the hair.  I had a really difficult time getting the third doll's hair to look right in two pony tails, so I had to just give her one.    The hair is usually the hardest thing I have to do on these dolls.  I can never seem to get the head covered evenly.  I think they finally look okay.  Also, the new one can now fit into the cow pouch so I am happy about that.