Sunday, June 11, 2017

Finished the other doll and another

I finished making the other doll for my ex-coworker.  I used a lighter weight yarn and smaller needles and I couldn't believe how much smaller the doll was.  I used a slightly different pattern for the dolls, but the size should have been the same.  I decided that since the first doll I made did not fit the cow pouch that I would make another one for the farm set.  This time, I used the same weight yarn and needles as I had used for the second doll.  Yup, they are the same size.

This shows the three dolls altogether.  The one on the left is the second doll I made.  The middle is the first doll, and the one on the right is the third one.  I did not have two different shades of purple for the new doll, so I used white instead.  I am a little disappointed in the white shorts because they don't really look that much like shorts.  I also changed how I did the shirt so it would have more color. 

I wanted to show the backs because of the hair.  I had a really difficult time getting the third doll's hair to look right in two pony tails, so I had to just give her one.    The hair is usually the hardest thing I have to do on these dolls.  I can never seem to get the head covered evenly.  I think they finally look okay.  Also, the new one can now fit into the cow pouch so I am happy about that.

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